Repairing of furniture or walls

Impact Bouwbedrijf is your carpenter in Zuid-Holland

We have a carpenter for every situation

Do you want a new attic, ceilings, window frames, dormer, extension, stairs, kitchen, furniture or wooden floors? Or are you looking for a unique wooden piece in your home? Our carpenter will carry this out skllfully and will advise you expertly on the possibilities and materials for all types of carpentry work.

For which carpentry work can you contact us?

Our carpenter is all-round and does it, and does the following tasks:

  • Finishing of connections and seams
  • Determining dimensions and distances
  • Attaching building materials to each other
  • Cutting wooden boards and beams to size
  • Examinating sketches, drawings, specifications and building plans in preparation for the actual carpentry work
  • Repairing and assembling of doors, floors, window frames, roofs, stairs, walls and/or other (wooden) constructions

Why choose a carpenter from Impact Bouw?

It’s simple. Our carpenters are not only experienced and skilled. They also work extremely thorough. Our customers are very satisfied with the quality they deliver. If the carpenter can’t do the job alone or if he needs a plumber or electrician for a particular job: no problem at all. We are an all-round construction company after all. So it’s not just about carpentry. We are also happy to take care of a complete renovation, extension or renovation.

Would you like to receive a free quotation?

Feel free to contact us. Perhaps our carpenter will be working for you soon. We are happy to come and see your woodwork.

If you have any questions?

Need help fast?

+31 (0)71-820 03 55

Impact is 24/7 available

Want to know more about our carpenter?

Are you looking for a carpenter in Leiden?

Clients often think that they only need a woodworker for their project. But more than once it happens that several professionals are needed on a project. Of course, there are also all-round handymen who can do more than just carpentry or plumbing. But it is useful to know what does and doesn’t fall under the standard tasks of our craftsman.

Jobs for the carpenter

It often involves the building of wooden constructions. Sometimes this is a frame to prepare for the work of another craftsman who then finishes it, but often also completing wooden structures, such as a barn or a log cabin. A woodworker not only constructs new buildings, but also takes care of the maintenance and renovation of woodwork. Think of repairing wood rot in frames and doors. 

Who is a good carpenter in Leiden?  

There’s no doubt several of them work through us. So if you are looking for an experienced, reliable carpenter, be sure to contact Impact Bouwbedrijf Leiden.