Carefree real estate with Impact

Major and minor maintenance of your home or business

Carefree real estate

Impact Bouwbedrijf Leiden specializes in the maintenance and management of real estate. The outsourcing of property management means that all rental related issues are taken care of, in a clear and professional manner, whether it’s a house, a complete property portfolio or corporate real estate. The time savings, as well as the peace of mind, ensure a carefree exploitation and return on your property.

24-hour service

With Impact Bouwbedrijf Leiden you’ll always have one point of contact. In case of emergency our 24-hour technical service is always available. If the problem can not be resolved immediately we will provide a professional.

Real estate management

We also take care of the management of your property. In the annual maintenance report we’ll provide an indication of what condition the property is in, we also make recommendations and it contains a budget for future maintenance.
In short, we relieve the maintenance and management of your property.

Need help fast?
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What do we offer?

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Maintenance Subscriptions
  • 24-hour service
  • One contact point
  • Annual maintenance report
  • Exit and managing maintenance contracts
  • Final inspection at lease termination